Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Steel can also be termed as Semi-finished or Non-coated steel which is produced in different levels of Hardness/Finish. The hardness/finish is classified as Cold Rolled Full Hard (CRFH) & Cold Rolled Closed Annealed (CRCA) Steel. It is produced by the process of Cold Reduction (i.e) by rolling the raw material Hot Rolled Coil in reversible direction applying pressure from top/bottom of the sheet using multiple Solid Rollers. The steel coils can be annealed (heated in a controlled atmosphere) to make the steel more formable (cold rolled annealed) or further processed on the metallic coating line, with a coating of Zinc (galvanised). Cold rolled steel is available in a range of grades, each with a range of properties for differing applications. .

  • Consistent and reliable end product quality
  • Repeatable, trouble-free processing
  • Maximised yield
  • Reduced waste and rework
  • Automotive components (Radiators, etc.)
  • Construction and building components
  • Domestic appliances
  • Drums and pressure vessels
  • Electrical Distribution/Panel Boards
  • Feedstock for any kind of coating(Zinc/Aluzinc/Colour coating)
  • Furniture Tubes and sections

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